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"Je Sais Pas Vous"

26 three-minute sketches about the classics

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Patrick Leterme — Кинорежиссер

Etienne Duval — Illustrator

О программе

Over the course of just three minutes, “Je Sais Pas Vous” uses felt-tipped markers and fascinating anecdotes to paint a rich portrait of a musical work, describing its historical context, its creator’s intentions, and much more. With audacity, a touch of impertinence, and above all a great devotion to these works and their composers, Patrick Leterme and illustrator Etienne Duval bring the classics into our everyday lives. Each of the 26 humorous sketches is captivating yet concise, opening a window to some of the greatest classical chefs-d’œuvre, leaving a strong impression on both our memories and our hearts.

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