Симфония № 9 ре мажор


In the autumn of 1912, Alban Berg wrote to his wife about Mahler's Ninth Symphony: "The first movement is the most magnificent thing Mahler ever wrote. It is the expression of an unheard-of love for this earth, the desire to live in peace with nature and to fully enjoy it, in all its depth, before death arrives. Because it comes without escape." And fate struck, for death came upon Mahler when he had completed this symphony, even though the Austrian composer had attempted to evade the curse of the Ninth by altering the numbering of his works...As Berg's evocative words foretell, Mahler's Symphony No. 9 in D Major contains both the sinister anguish of imminent death and love for a nature where every rustle of leaves responds to an unknown rhythm, perhaps the same one that marks the four movements of Mahler's Ninth.

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