Гайдн, Моцарт, Сибелиус, дирижирует Пааво Ярви – С Менахемом Пресслером

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On the day of his 90th birthday, Menahem Pressler joins Paavo Järvi and the Orchestre de Paris at the Salle Pleyel in Paris.

There have been quite a few child prodigies in the history of music. An equally noteworthy phenomenon is that of a musician who, after an 80-year-long performing career, finds himself still capable of continuing his concert life, especially in front of large audiences. Menahem Pressler is one of these lucky few, a “venerable prodigy”, who after 53 years as the legendary pianist of the Beaux-Arts trio (from 1955 to 2008), is now enjoying an incredible musical comeback, returning him once more to the solo career he long enjoyed.

Photo: © Julien Mignot

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