Струнный квартет Калидоре исполняет Струнный квартет фа минор Мендельсона

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Струнный квартет Калидоре

Jeffrey Myers — Скрипач

Ryan Meehan — Скрипач

Jeremy Berry — Альтист

Estelle Choi — Виолончелистка

О программе

Composed just months before his death in 1847, Mendelssohn’s String Quartet in F Minor would become the last work he would complete. It is also an homage to his sister Fanny, who died the same year. The sublime piece is an agonized cry of a desperate man who resists the emptiness that will consume him, a “beautiful accident in German music history” (Nietzsche). In this concert the masterpiece receives a captivating performance by the internationally celebrated, New York-based Calidore String Quartet. Following a residency at the University of Stony Brook from 2014 to 2016, its musicians joined the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center.

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