The summer of 1788 was an incredibly fruitful period for Mozart. In just a few months, the Austrian composer wrote three of his most famous compositions: Symphonies No. 39, No. 40, and No. 41. Afflicted by the loss of his young daughter, he channeled his suffering into the intensity of the Great Symphony in G minor, No. 40—the culmination of Mozart's artistic brilliance. While its structure adheres to the principles of classicism, leading Schumann to liken it to the ideal beauty of Greek sculpture, its orchestration also reveals a darker character. Symphony No. 40 is now interpreted as "a work of passion, violence, and pain" (in the words of pianist Charles Rosen). Schumann also commented on this symphony, describing it as "a work in which every note is pure gold, every part a treasure!"

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According to an old legend, Mozart never witnessed the performance of Symphony No. 40, and it has even been written that he conceived it as a "call to eternity" (in the words of Alfred Einstein), as a message for future generations. However, what is certain is that his legacy was embraced by Ludwig van Beethoven, as musical phrases from Symphony No. 40 can be traced in his Symphony "Fate" as well! The timeless nature of Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, K. 550 is accurately described by musicologist Alfred Einstein: "It is as if one is immersed in the depths of the soul, symbolized by daring modulations that Mozart's contemporaries were never able to follow, and so sublime that only Mozart could create them on earth." Are you ready to immerse yourself in eternity? On, you will find the best interpretations of Mozart's greatest works, including Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, K. 550!