Romantic composer Hector Berlioz when discussing the Allegretto of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 quoted English poet Lord Byron: “One fatal remembrance — on sorrow that throws/its bleak shade alike o’er our joys and our woes —” Captivated by the second movement’s mystery and Saturnian sentiment, however, he added: “But a ray of hope appears: these heartbreaking sounds are followed by a transparent melody, pure, simple, gentle, sad and resigned, like patience smiling to suffering.” A cornerstone of the symphonic repertoire, Symphony No. 7 is famous for its fast-paced rhythm that blurs the boundaries between the main and secondary themes. The intricate canonical structure itself seems to crush under the bellicose orchestra’s sound. Between the almost whispered pianissimi and some titanic crescendos, the 7th Symphony  shares all the colors of its author’s personality. It is not by chance that Beethoven himself declared that it was “one of his best works!”

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Wagner commented on Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 in his essay The Artwork of the Future, and his words made history: “The symphony is the apotheosis of the dance itself: it is dance in its highest aspect, the loftiest deed of bodily motion, incorporated into an ideal mold of tone. Beethoven in his works put the body in music, merging body and spirit.” Although his judgment comes under Romantic influences, there is some truth in it, since Symphony No. 7 is a paroxysm of rhythmic and melodic development. While some have found some echoes of popular Hungarian and Slavic music in this titanic sound architecture, the main inspiration of the 7th must be traced to the political situation of Beethoven’s time. Its ardor comes from the most animated patriotic feelings towards the war between Austria and the hated Napoleon I, the French Emperor. Come hear this cry for eternal freedom, played by some exceptional interpreters, on your favorite streaming platform,!