«Норма» Беллини

Франсиско Негрин (режиссёр-постановщик), Джулиано Карелла (музыкальный руководитель) – С Фьоренцой Чедолинс (Норма), Соней Ганасси (Адальджиза), Винченцо Ла Скола (Поллион) – Большой театр «Лисео»

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Франсиско Негрин — Режиссёр-постановщик

Энтони Бейкер — Художник по декорациям

Джонатан Моррелл — Художник по костюмам

Винченцо Ла Скола — Pollione

Андреа Папи — Oroveso

Фьоренца Чедолинс — Norma

Соня Ганасси — Adalgisa

Бегонья Альберди — Clotilde

Хон Пласаола — Flavio

Гонсало Корриа — A boy, Norma's and Pollione's son

Хулиан Коррия — A boy, Norma's and Pollione's son

Симфонический оркестр Большого театра Лисеу

Хосе Луис Бассо — Хормейстер

Джулиано Карелла — Музыкальный руководитель

О программе

A powerful story of love, betrayal and honor, Norma is a classic of the bel canto tradition, combining lavish vocal splendor with a story of great passion and nobility.

Over the centuries, opera composers and librettists have created scores of spectacular roles for sopranos. And of all the great soprano roles in operatic history, there's one that may cover more dramatic territory, and demand more of those who perform it, than any other. The title character in Bellini's Norma is a role with emotions ranging from haughty and demanding, to desperately passionate, to vengeful and defiant. And the singer must convey all of this while confronting some of the most vocally challenging music ever composed.

Italian soprano Fiorenza Cedolins is one of the most thrilling Normas of the younger operatic generation of singers. Along with a distinguished supporting cast (Sonia Ganassi as Adalgisa and Vincenzo La Scola as Pollione) this finest psychologically staged production by Francisco Negrin, conducted by Giuliano Carella, makes the belcanto tradition vivid and exciting for all generations.

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