Мастер-класс Томаса Хэмпсона (III/III)

2017 Heidelberger Frühling

Прямой эфир
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Томас Хэмпсон — Преподаватель, баритон

Justin Michael Austin — Баритон

Marie Seidler — Сопрано

Sean Michael Plumb — Баритон

Fiona Pollak — Пианист

Jonathan Ware — Пианист

О программе

Celebrated American baritone Thomas Hampson works with a select group of young singers on French and German song as part of the seventh annual Heidelberg Lied Academy at the International Music Festival Heidelberger Frühling.

The Heidelberg Lied Academy takes place every spring as part of the 5-week-long Musikfestival Heidelberger Frühling. Under the artistic direction of baritone Thomas Hampson, the academy offers a series of master classes aimed to give young singers the tools for well-informed, text-based song interpretation, and to enable them to tell rich stories through their musical performances.In the third of three April 2017 Academy master classes, Hampson worked with the singers mezzo-soprano Marie Seidler, baritone Justin Michael Austin, and baritone  Sean Michael Plumb on songs by Ravel, Mahler, and Schumann.

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