Another Story, Shinya Fukumori

Tokyo 2020

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Shinya Fukumori — Барабанщик

Salyu — Singer

Takuji Aoyagi — Singer

Akihito Obama — Joueur de shakuhachi

Kanon Aonami — Alto saxophonist

Kazuma Fujimoto — Гитарист, electric guitar

Satoshi Kitamura — Бандонеонист

Masaki Hayashi — Пианист

Koichi Sato — Пианист

Toru Nishijima — Контрабасист

Kazuhiro Tanabe — Контрабасист

О программе

Japan, a country with a distinct cultural and poetic identity as well as having a rich folk tradition, is paid tribute here by the album Another Story, published and composed by the drummer Shinya Fukumori. Born in Osaka in 1984, Fukumori studied at Berklee College of Music then later moved to Munich where he established his own trio and subsequently his own record label, Nagalu. This film is narrated both through words and music, transcending us into another world filled with legend and mystery.

The originality of this album comes not only from the plethora of musical genres that Fukumori collates, but above all through the musicians and instruments that feature. For example, the bandoneonist, Satoshi Kitamura brings a sense of wailing melancholy to the warm authority of the contrabassists, Toru Nishijima and Kazuhiro Tanabe. Better still, when the poetry’s musicality is succeeded by colorful rhetoric, one is able to admire the great emotional profoundness of this masterpiece. A particular highlight is the discovery of the shakuhachi, a traditional Japanese flute exquisitely played here by Akihito Obama.

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