Jun Miyake "The Here and After" in Paris

Tokyo-Paris by RKK 2014

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Jun Miyake — Пианист, трубач

Jun Miyake's String Quartet — Скрипач, виолончелист, альтист

Sebastien Surel — Скрипач

Elodie Michalakakos — Скрипачка

Vlad Bogdanas — Альтист

Miwa Rosso — Виолончелистка

Lisa Papineau — Singer

Kyoko Katsunuma — Singer

Cosmic voices — Singer

Dairo Miyamoto — Саксофонист

Ze Luis Nascimento — Барабанщик

О программе

Contrasting genres, cultures, time periods, and sonorities are magnificently brought together in the course of this 2014 concert recorded in Paris, orchestrated by Japanese pianist and trumpeter Jun Miyake. An exceptional musician whose musical spectrum cannot be confined to just one genre, Miyake was discovered by the legendary Terumasa Hino. A former student at Berklee, he begins his career as a jazz trumpeter, before spending his time composing for films and documentaries. Along with his string quartet and other immensely talented artists, he interprets his most famous compositions, such as Lilies of the valley, used by Wim Wenders in his acclaimed Pina.

Jun Miyake is one of those musicians that can do it all, able to play the most technical works to perfection, he can also create his own with unmatched vision and originality. Some consider him an absolute genius, others see him at the very least as one of the world’s most innovative musicians, all agree on one point: his uniqueness. His works often vehiculate profound emotions that fatally lead the listener to a path of deep experimentation with introspection…

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