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Пласидо Доминго: Мои главные роли

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In this feature-length documentary, Plácido Domingo reflects on his favorite roles in opera—and in so doing tells his own life story more fully and poignantly than ever before.

Including video clips of selected performances and interviews with famous colleagues like Kiri te Kanawa, Luciano Pavarotti and Zubin Mehta, this film documents Plácido Domingo's career as a tenor, beginning with his developmental years and continuing up until his switch to singing baritone roles. In selections edited from eight hours of interview footage, “the greatest singer of all time" (BBC Music Magazine) narrates a comprehensive overview of his musical career, reflecting on his life, on singing, on opera and on the world, and discussing his drive to continue rising to greater and greater heights. As he says, "If I rest, I rust". Featuring some of the finest tenor performances ever filmed, the documentary includes extensive clips from Domingo’s personally-selected eleven finest roles.

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