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Mission Incognito – С тенором Роландо Вильясоном

Артисты покидают мир огней рампы, чтобы инкогнито слиться с любителями

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О программе

Just imagine: instead of the amateur wedding singer, Rolando Villazón belts out the wedding aria to the gathered congregation. The everyday street musician on the corner turns out to be a violin virtuoso. What if the orchestra that consists of hobby musicians was suddenly thrown into tempo by one of the greatest conductors? Such imaginings become reality with Mission Incognito.

Opera houses, concert halls, museums… these venues belong to the past – Mission Incognito is the new tomorrow. Celebrity artists go outside their comfort zone and share their art directly with the public. An entertaining half hour format featuring well-known musicians and artists that step into the world and meet their amateur counterparts.


Больше информации

Беатрикс Конрад,
Клаус Вишманн
Год выхода: 2014
Продолжительность: 25 min
Компания: © Sounding Images in co-production with ZDF / Arte
Разрешение: Full HD