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Viva Вильясон!

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О программе

From Mexico to Salzburg, the private life of the most spirited of today's tenors.

Explosive, excessive, expansive, extrovert, exuberant and an ex-seminarist. Many exes serve to describe this Mexican tenor who openly expresses and exhibits his moods, and who, without exaggeration, has taken by storm all the opera stages of the world in no time at all, simply thanks the beauty of his voice, his wholehearted nature, his gift of the gab, his generosity and his enthusiasm. "It isn't a career, it's my life. The characters are a part of me." They are indeed.

We follow Rolando Villazón step by step, in the green "beetle" (a taxi in which he clowns about) travelling the streets of Mexico to the Teatro Bellas Artes, the first theatre in which he sang, and to the German school in Mexico where he went as a child because his Austrian grandmother wanted him to keep in touch with his Germanic culture.

We also go with him to Salzburg where he rehearses "The Traviata" by Verdi with Anna Netrebko, to New York for "Rigoletto", to Berlin for "Carmen", where he takes on the part of Don José… And so on, on the global tour of successful tenors. But Villazón never departs from his open, outspoken and spontaneous nature. His love of the stage is total, absolute, and it is something he is able to share with us.


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