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Композитор Кшиштоф Пендерецкий

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Кшиштоф Пендерецкий

Анне-Софи Муттер

Юлиан Рахлин

Янин Янсен

Марис Янсонс

Лорин Маазель — Дирижёр

Джонни Гринвуд

Андржей Вайда

О программе

A tribute to the Polish composer Krzysztof Penderecki.

This film portraits the artist with a comprehensive 'work in progress' documentary: despite his growing age, Penderecki is still an unflinching and active composer and conductor. For one year, the author Anna Schmidt has been studying this world-famous artist, speaking also with high-carat companions: Anne-Sophie Mutter, Julian Rachlin and Janine Jansen, Mariss Jansons and Lorin Maazel; Johnny Greenwood (member of the rock band Radiohead) and Andrzej Wajda.

The film follows Penderecki from Kraków to Munich, from Vienna to Leipzig, and on various occasions to his country estate in Lusławice. And throughout, the composer reflects on the meteoric beginning to his career, unexpected turning points in his life and ingenious ideas.

Thoughts, dialogues, extracts from his music and film scores, encounters and the natural world all condense to create a fascinating, multi-layered portrait including also very rare archive material.


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