Стивен Ковачевич играет Бетховена и Шуберта

Ля-Рок-д'Антерон 2004

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О программе

A Beethoven of moving simplicity, without dramatic flourishes. Poetry in motion.

Stephen Kovacevich is certainly today one of the most discreet of the great pianists of his generation, among the Nelson Freires, Martha Argerichs and Maurizio Pollinis. For that reason, he is the least famous, and we rejoice all the more that it was possible to film this concert at La Roque d'Anthéron.

In this concert he plays "his" composer, Beethoven: he has recorded, over a period of twelve years, the complete Sonatas and the Bagatelles. At La Roque d'Anthéron, he gives us Sonatas opus 110 and 111, in a vision of overwhelming simplicity that goes straight to the essential. With his fingers glued to the keyboard and his eyes shut, Kovacevich gives the most honest rendition of Beethoven: without dramatic flourishes. Poetry in motion.

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