Франческо Либетта исполняет произведения Штрауса, Листа и Сен-Санса

Ля-Рок-д'Антерон 2002

Прямой эфир
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Франческо Либетта — Пианист

О программе

An ace at the keyboard in an astoundingly pyrotechnical programme.

We owe this film to a discovery in 2000 by filmmaker Bruno Monsaingeon who heard for the first time the Italian pianist, who was born in 1968, play in a festival for young talent in Miami. He felt he was in the presence "of one of the most remarkable virtuoso prodigies of all time."

Francesco Libetta chose for this film a kaleidoscope of pieces demonstrating his vertiginous pyrotechnics: arrangements by Strauss, Etudes reputed to be impossible to play that Godowski composed based on the Etudes by Chopin (Libetta is the only one to have played the complete fifty-three etudes), Totentaz by Liszt and The Devil's Stairway by Ligeti... seemingly effortlessly, without even a grimace or a smile, totally impassive Libetta overcomes all difficulties. Startling!

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