Дворжак и Бетховен, дирижирует Василий Петренко — С Пабло Феррандес-Кастро, Рено Капюсоном, Лахавом Шани и Кианом Солтани

Израильский филармонический оркестр

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Renaud Capuçon—one of today's most sought-after violinists—joins prodigious pianist and conductor Lahav Shani, and Kian Soltani (described as “sheer perfection” by Gramophone) alongside the prestigious Israel Philharmonic Orchestra under Vasily Petrenko in this unmissable event, part of a marathon evening of favorites that opens with Pablo Ferrández-Castro's passionate performance of Dvořák’s monumental Cello Concerto (plus a transcription by the great Pablo Casals) and closes out with a thrilling rendition of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony!

"Something truly new" is how Beethoven himself referred to his "Triple" Concerto for Violin, Cello and Piano in a letter to his editor. And this enchanting and iconic work is, indeed, full of innovation: The melodic and dynamic balance distributed between three very different solo instruments—and between the trio and the accompanying orchestra—had rarely, if ever, been heard before!

Moments of sophisticated chamber music floating over subtle orchestral textures, violin and cello solos competing for primacy, authoritative exclamations by the piano, and civil but heated conversations between soloists and orchestra all contribute to the sterling reputation of this masterwork that has moved and delighted audiences for more than 200 years.

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