NEW! Daniel Barenboim performs and conducts Mozart, Beethoven, and Ravel — With the Berliner Philharmoniker

Europakonzert 1997

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May 1st is an important date in the classical music calendar! It marks the foundation of one of the world's most prestigious orchestras: the Berliner Philharmoniker. Each since 1991, the ensemble celebrates this day with highly anticipated event, held in a different European city each year, the Europakonzert. In 1997, for the orchestra's 115 years, it is lead by maestro Daniel Barenboim, who directs both from the podium and the piano in this classic concert set in the gold and velvet setting of France's Château de Versailles!

The program includes some very well-known masterpieces, beginning with Ravel's ethereal Tombeau de Couperin, written in the memory of his friends who died in the trenches during the First World War. The commemorative atmosphere of this work soon makes way for a more martial one, Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 13 who, through its rich use of trumpets and timpani, leads the way for Beethoven's monumental Symphony No. 3...

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