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Verdi's opera Otello premiered in 1887 at La Scala in Milan, Italy. Since then, this mesmerizing opera has conquered stages worldwide, captivating audiences with its sublime music and intense drama. Thanks to the classical music streaming platform, both novices and experts can now experience Otello from the comfort of their homes. With the best quality video on demand (VOD) streaming and live broadcasts of concerts, offers an immersive and unique experience to all classical music enthusiasts. In Otello, the universal themes of passion, revenge, and human nature are beautifully set to music by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, creating a work of unparalleled emotional power that you can immerse yourself in through, the finest platform for classical music streaming! Composed by the talented Giuseppe Verdi, Otello is a true gem of the classical music repertoire. Thanks to, opera fans from around the world can now enjoy this exceptional composition from their homes. offers you a front-row seat to stream Verdi's opera Otello!

Some of our programs are available for free after signing up on the site and you just need to subscribe to enjoy our entire catalog, which includes the works of Giuseppe Verdi, including his opera Otello. On, you will also find other legendary works by Giuseppe Verdi such as Aida or Un ballo in maschera. Whether you are a seasoned opera fan or a curious novice, Verdi's Otello is a must in the opera repertoire. The breathtaking vocal performances of the singers, accompanied by talented orchestras, transport listeners into the complex world of emotions and intrigues of the magisterial work that is Otello by Verdi, an essential masterpiece of Italian opera, which carries the audience into a whirlwind of intense emotions and tragedy.

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Verdi's opera Otello, based on William Shakespeare's play, tells a heartbreaking story of love, jealousy, and betrayal. The plot unfolds in Venice and follows the intertwined fates of Otello—a valiant Moorish general—his wife Desdemona, and his manipulative enemy, Iago. Don't miss the opportunity to listen to Verdi's Otello in all its splendor through streaming on! As the finest platform for classical music streaming, offers easy and convenient access to the world's best concerts and operas. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Italian opera and be carried away by the intense beauty of Otello. Whether you are a novice or an expert, is here to offer you an unparalleled listening experience and allow you to discover the grandeur of Verdi's opera.