Twelve Etudes, Op. 8


In music, an “étude” is a piece composed for educational purposes, for helping a musician to practice a technical aspect of his instrument. One might fear that the technical difficulty elaborated by the composers would pose a challenge to their students’ musicality. And yet, some of the great masters of the art of composition have been able to propose a number of complex partitions, challenging the technique of the instrumentalist without any discount on the artistic sensibility! Just think of Chopin’s Études, Op. 10, first of all. Another great example is Alexander Scriabin’s Twelve Études, Op. 8, particularly his Étude, No. 12, Op. 8. A composition of notable difficulty, it exudes a passion that has won the heart of its public. Come and discover this masterpiece by Scriabin under the fingertips of legendary pianists such as Evgeny Kissin at the Verbier Festival 2014, for example, but also in some of our film archives: Van Cliburn in Moscow in the 60s, or Vladimir Horowitz’s recital in Moscow in 1986.

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Stream Scriabin’s Twelve Etudes, Op. 8 on is the best online platform for live streaming Scriabin’s Twelve Études, Op. 8, offering you a VIP ticket to the most famous productions with world-class artists captured in the best audio quality and HD video. As a reminder, in music, an “étude” is a piece composed to assist the study of an instrument. Many composers devoted themselves to composing  études, including Scriabin with his Twelve Études, Op. 8. One could think that the technical difficulties of an étude could prevail over the artistic quality, but the classical repertoire is full of examples that indicate otherwise: Chopin’s Piano Études, for example, or even Scriabin’s Twelve Études, Op. 8. In this collection of études, one is particularly famous: the Étude in D-sharp minor, Op. 8, No. 12. On, come and discover some of the best interpretations of this masterpiece by the Russian composer Scriabin. 

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Scriabin’s Twelve Études, Op. 8 are a collection of piano études published in 1895. In these works, the Russian composer Alexander Scriabin shows proof of his overflowing imagination, but also of his artistic sensibility. Among his études, the Étude in D-sharp minor, Op. 8, No. 12—also known under the name of Étude pathétique—is the most famous, and one of the most renowned works in the whole repertoire of Scriabin. Scriabin’s Twelve Études, Op. 8 have been interpreted by many famous pianists, including Horowitz, Van Cliburn, and Evgeny Kissin. On, come and discover legendary interpretations of this masterpiece of the piano repertoire!