The first series of Chopin’s Études was published in 1833. At that time the Polish composer was only 23 years old, yet already famous in major Parisian salons. That is where he met another young artist destined for musical immortality: Franz Liszt, to whom the Études, Op. 10 are dedicated. This book of twelve works generally intended for a piano student’s development  is renowned for its surprising charm and musicality. Their performance appeal was so great that several of the etudes were adorned with nicknames. It is not by chance that Étude No. 12 goes under the name of “La révolutionnaire!” Though originally conceived as studies of the technical aspects of piano playing, Chopin’s Études are a masterpiece played in the best concert halls of the world, and whose performance difficulties offer no mitigation to its artistic value. 

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In composing the Études, he diversified the musical landscape across each of the twelve studies through related major and minor keys, highlighting the collection’s technical nature. On, discover an abundant range of performances of Chopin’s Études, Op. 10, among many other pieces, in any place and at any time!

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Chopin’s Études laid the groundwork for an innovative new technique of piano composition. The revolutionary Études, Op. 10 are particularly known for their mix of musical substance and technical challenge. Chopin’s compositional craft highlights the collection’s technical nature and musicality, utilizing related major and minor keys across twelve studies, each piece so unique that some later were adorned with popular nicknames. Polish musicologist Tadeusz A. Zielinski says of this inaugural book of etudes,
“Not only did they become an orderly demonstration of a new piano style and the formulas peculiar to it, but also an artistic ennoblement of this style.” Chopin’s Études are so reformative that their influence was immediately evident in some artists, such as Franz Liszt (to whom the work is dedicated), and their long-reaching echo is even felt in popular music and modern films. Come and (re)discover this masterpiece, performed by pianists such as Bruce Liu, Daniel Barenboim and Evgeny Kissin, streaming on, the first classical music streaming channel!