Mussorgsky met artist and architect Viktor A. Hartmann in around 1870. They quickly found common ground: their interest in artistic expressions related to local inspiration and sensitivity to their native folklore. They pursued their search in parallel and Hartmann's sudden death led Mussorgsky to pay homage to not only his character, but also his artistic production. The composer found inspiration in Hartmann’s paintings, and the result was Pictures at an Exhibition: a series of ten piano pieces interspersed with “promenades”. Reflective of a museum of music, Mussorgsky acts as a guide in his "musical paintings", which combine the best of two worlds: figurative arts and music. One step further towards the idea of a Gesamtkunstwerk (or a total work of art) was later taken by Kandinsky, who staged a theatrical version of Pictures at an Exhibition in 1928 at the Friedrich Theater de Dessau.

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Pictures at an Exhibition is a programmatic music suite, consisting of ten piano pieces inspired by the artworks of Russian artist and architect Viktor Hartmann. Each piece represents a different work of art, creating a transmedia experience where music and art merge. This composition offers a palette of captivating emotions and musical images, as each "picture" takes listeners on a captivating journey through rich and varied soundscapes. Exceptional pianists who have interpreted Pictures at an Exhibition have skillfully captured the power and subtlety of this work. Renowned artists like Khatia Buniatishvili, Nobu, and Evgeny Kissin have delivered memorable interpretations of this composition, successfully capturing its full power and subtlety. The symphonic orchestration of Pictures at an Exhibition by Maurice Ravel has also contributed to the popularity of this work, expertly translating the richness and color of the piano into the orchestra and creating a breathtaking interpretation of Mussorgsky's original work.

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