One of the crowning achievements of Western music, Beethoven's Ninth (and final) Symphony, epic in scale and character, is one of the earliest and still best-known examples of the use of human voices in a symphony. The beloved final movement contains the world-famous "Ode to Joy," the setting of a poem by Friedrich Schiller which has been the official anthem of the European Union since 1985, a symbol of peace and brotherhood. Although the Viennese public failed to appreciate a number of the composer’s later works, the premiere of the Ninth Symphony proved to be an incredible triumph for the ailing Beethoven—suffering by that time from total deafness, but nonetheless well enough to be present in the hall to enjoy his creation’s success.

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Beethoven’s Ninth was composed between 1822 and 1824 and first performed on May 7, 1824, in Vienna. It features a four-movement structure, with the nontraditional choice to place the Scherzo (Molto vivace) movement before the slow Adagio molto e cantabile. The final movement is by far the longest, lasting nearly a half hour and containing a theme and variations that feature the “Ode to Joy” theme, Beethoven’s setting of a poem by Friedrich Schiller. The Ninth Symphony’s premiere was conducted by Beethoven himself, who was by then almost completely deaf. It is said that at the end of the symphony, Beethoven—who could not hear the music—was off by several bars and continued conducting, only to be turned around to see the rapturous applause of the audience who waved handkerchiefs, hats, and hands to make sure Beethoven could see the extent of their admiration. In 1997, Jonathan Del Mar published a new edition of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 that was intended to correct thousands of ostensible mistakes in the commonly used 1864 version published by Breitkopf and Härtel. Orchestras still refer to both scores today, and the orchestral numbers called for by Beethoven’s Ninth are, in any edition, the largest of any of his works, featuring large string, brass, percussion, and woodwind sections, as well as the famous choir that gives the Ninth its nickname; the “Choral” Symphony. Listen to this groundbreaking masterpiece with’s online music streaming experience!