Sarah Vaughan and Trio Play Jazz from Newport (Part II)

Sonuma Archives 1974

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Sarah Vaughan — Bandleader, singer

Carl Shroader — Pianist

John Giannelli — Double bassist

Jimmy Cobb — Drummer

Jacques Bourton — Movie director

Program notes

In part two of this spectacular performance that Sarah Vaughan gave in 1974 with her favoured trio we see her loosen up and let the genius pour fourth. She is sassy, playing the crowd like a comedian between her songs and open to the repertoire shifting in accordance with crowd suggestions. On one of these, “Just A Gigolo,” she inserts jokes and asides between the lines, which was as much of a joy to the audience as it will be to viewers today.

If any more charm was needed, there are moments where she forgets the lyrics and proceeds to “tra la la” and scat, showcasing just how versatile her voice was – she could wield it like Dizzy Gillespie played the trumpet. There is also a scat section which acts as a nod to her friend, Ella Fitzgerald, and pristine, transcendent versions of classics like “Misty” and “Summertime.” A real gem of a concert showing one of jazz’ greatest performers at her very best.

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