Matt Herskowitz and Lara St. John in Montréal

Cabaret Lion d’Or

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Matt Herskowitz — Pianist

Lara St. John — Violinist

Program notes

Pianist Matt Herskowitz and violinist Lara St. John come together to perform a set of North American folk music, live at the Cabaret Lion d’Or, in Montréal. Herskowitz, hailing from the United States, combines his incredible technique of a classical virtuoso, with his vast experience in the Jazz and Free Music genres, with both styles being heard in his playing in this performance. St. John, also of a classical background, performing as a soloist with many Symphony Orchestras throughout the Americas, also spent time in the former Soviet Union, where she came across many different styles of folk music. Both Musicians have their technical skill on display in this recital, but also a great respect and consideration for the music they are playing, from some of Gershwin and Art Tatum, to originals from both Herskowitz and St. John.

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