Jowee Omicil in Le Mans

Le Mans European Jazz Festival 2018

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Jowee Omicil — Clarinetist, flutist, saxophonist, tenor

Jonathan Jurion — Pianist

Justwody Cereyon — Bass guitarist

Conti Bilong — Drummer

Program notes

Focused on returning jazz to the central role it deserves within contemporary music, multi-instrumentalist and singer Jowee Omicil closes the Le Mans European Jazz Festival with his legendary band. This talented musician, a former Berklee student of Haitian and Canadian descent, has worked with Ibrahim Maalouf and Roy Hargrove, to name just a few. Here, accompanied by the agile playing of Jonathan Jurion, Justwody Cereyon, and Conti Bilong, he performs his own compositions, as well as Mozart's Fortieth Symphony.

Discover a unique blend of music that mixes various genres to produce a considerable amount of transcending energy. In order to share his emotions with the public, Jowee Omicil uses the mediums of his voice, saxophone, and flute to send a captivating message. The conclusion of this concert with Mozart's beloved masterwork is exquisite: it lovingly adds a dose of groove to the classical gem, and sends the satisfied audience home with a wink and a smile!

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