Denis Matsuev: Interview

Verbier Festival 2012

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Denis Matsuev

Program notes

"Some people say that classical music is dead. That's absolutely not true." has met with the pianist Denis Matsuev during the 2012 Verbier Festival, just before his recital featuring works by Schumann and Rachmaninov. He kindly answered our questions.

"What moved you to become a pianist, other than the direct influence of your family? What was it like to play unknown pieces of Rachmaninov on the composer's own piano in Switzerland? What is the biggest misconception about the life of a concert pianist? If you were a woman, what would your name be?"

For the sixth consecutive year, spent a few weeks in the station of the Swiss Alps to film and broadcast live on the internet the highlights of the world's famous festival. The perfect occasion to meet the artists and have discussions with them. The particularity of these interviews? You were the journalists!

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