"Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble," chanted the three witches in Shakespeare's drama, thereby marking the introduction of the supernatural into a play otherwise characterized by strong psychological realism. In Macbeth, one encounters nocturnal phantoms, nightmarish visions in broad daylight, forests in motion, and it is within this fantastic framework that Shakespeare positions his protagonists, skilfully depicting the depth and cruelty of the human heart. Characters such as Lady Macbeth, thirsty for vengeance and full of Machiavellian advice, have become emblematic and archetypal, revealing to modern individuals the shadows that lurk within...

To set such a Baroque masterpiece to music, Verdi had no option but to draw upon the complete chromatic range of his singers, creating roles of incredible vocal complexity, while remaining entirely faithful to the original text. Drawing strength and inspiration from Shakespeare's genius, Verdi's opera achieves the impossible, paving the way for the composer's subsequent works, including the renowned Rigoletto!

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Macbeth is a powerful and dark opera, based on William Shakespeare's famous play. Composed by the legendary Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, this opera is considered one of the masterpieces of the classical music repertoire. The plot of Macbeth is drawn from Shakespeare's eponymous tragedy. The opera tells the dark and complex story of Macbeth, an ambitious Scottish general who, driven by the witches' prophecy and the devouring ambition of his wife, Lady Macbeth, aspires to become king. Thus, Macbeth murders King Duncan and ascends to the throne, but his criminal acts plunge him into a spiral of paranoia and guilt. Verdi's Macbeth was first premiered in 1847 in Florence, Italy, and this bold work received mixed reactions upon its first performance, but over time, it gained recognition and became a staple of the opera repertoire. Interpretations of Macbeth have since become highlights of opera stages worldwide, attracting opera enthusiasts and seasoned music lovers alike.

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The music of Macbeth is an enchanting blend of lyricism, drama, and intensity, typical of Verdi's style. The opera features striking scenes, such as the famous aria of Lady Macbeth, Vieni, t'affretta, which reveals the psychological complexity of the character. The powerful ensembles and dramatic choruses add another dimension to the work, contributing to the dark and captivating atmosphere of the opera. Shakespeare was a major source of inspiration for Giuseppe Verdi throughout his career, and Macbeth is one of the most remarkable examples of his talent for bringing Shakespearean dramas to life on the opera stage. Discover Macbeth by Verdi on medici.tv, the premier platform for streaming classical music!

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