Daphnis and Chloé is a ballet in a single act, divided into three parts, with music by Maurice Ravel for orchestra and choir. This work is undoubtedly one of the French composer's most popular, so much so that he described it as a "choreographic symphony" in his autobiographical work of 1928. In the years that followed, he reworked it into two suites for orchestra.

Lasting about an hour, Daphnis and Chloé is a monumental work, rich in musical suggestions. Ravel drew inspiration from a novel by the Hellenistic writer Longus titled The Pastoral Adventures of Daphnis and Chloé. Following a typical pattern of classical Alexandrian novels, the story depicts the bucolic idyll of two shepherds, their separation, and the picaresque journeys that lead them to their long-awaited reunion. Ravel's music thus becomes a gentle reminder of the pastoral and lively atmosphere of the novel, like an echo from that distant world...

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