Libertango is the work of a bandoneon player (a type of accordion) and Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla, published in 1974 in Italy, where the composer had expatriated to try his luck: "I'm leaving because in Buenos Aires, I am one of the many unemployed who fill the streets." And success came! Libertango marks a turning point in the electric and revolutionary production of the musician's work, but also in the history of the tango. "His tango is complex and varied. It deconstructs the traditional compas (rhythms), uses and abuses the counterpoint, mixes some ingredients of the classical reperoire to that of the tango, includes new instruments in the orchestra (the electric guitar, in particular)," as Nathalie Moller states. This is how the tango nuevo was born, a new dance genre derived from the traditional Argentine tango. Quite naturally, the title Libertango came to the author, blending the words "libertad" and "tango." 

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Astor Piazzolla’s Libertango has won the hearts of a wide range of audiences worldwide. In fact, it has been reworked by several artists: I’ve Seen That Face Before by Grace Jones, Jungle Tango by the Jazz Mandolin Project, or Hívlak by Kati Kovács. However, the most famous interpretation of Astor Piazzolla’s Libertango in popular culture is undoubtedly in the film The Tango Lesson by Sally Porter. The story, part biography, part documentary, narrates the artistic crisis of a filmmaker who finds inspiration again through her relationship with tango dancer Palbo Verón. Indeed, the film explores the conflict between Sally, who learns to accept the passive role of the woman in the tango, and Pablo, who allows himself to be led during the film. Like the dancers, allow yourself to be led by the magnificent notes of Astor Piazzolla's enchanting Libertango! On, the best performers offer you artistic moments that will put you at ease and warm your heart in no time at all.