Beethoven is undoubtedly the composer who best expressed the heroic spirit of his time through music, leading Viennese classicism towards Romanticism. The  is undoubtedly one of the works most representative of his fiery character, but works such as the Coriolan Overture or Egmont are also perfect illustrations. The latter work, composed between October 1809 and June 1810, particularly embodies the attachment of 19th-century men to their homeland: it tells the story of Count Egmont, who sacrificed his life for the Netherlands during the Spanish repression of 1568. Even Goethe himself, whose eponymous drama inspired Beethoven, congratulated the composer for brilliantly translating his ideas into music. There is no doubt that you, too, will be delighted by this score!

Просмотреть записи «Эгмонт», Op. 84

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