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Шеф, Герберт фон Караян (1982-1988) (Сезон 1: 1982-1983)

Сезон 1: 1982-1983

Nearly 30 years after his passing in July 1989, Herbert von Karajan continues to captivate music lovers around the globe, living on in their imaginations as the incarnation of the powerful and charismatic maestro. A legend during his lifetime, Karajan left a profound mark on the 20th century. As one of the first conductors enamored of classical music recording and filmmaking, he immortalized the great masterworks of the Western canon through his discography, founding his own visual production company Telemondial in 1982. His work in connection with these new technologies affirmed his identity as an aesthete, perfectionist, and pioneer.

In the 1980s, Karajan began the formidable undertaking of re-recording his signature works in a definitive version. Long out of circulation, forty-three of these priceless musical motion pictures are now available in newly restored digital versions. From 1982 to 1988, the “ultimate Karajan” legacy takes shape, installment by installment, season after season. Now, four decades later, the man that the musicians of the Berliner Philharmoniker called “The Boss” (Der Chef in German) offers us his musical testament.