«Похищение из сераля» Моцарта

Дэвид Маквикар (режиссёр-постановщик), Робин Тиччиати (дирижёр) – С Эдгарасом Монтвидасом (Бельмонт), Салли Мэттьюс (Констанца)...

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Дэвид Маквикар — Режиссёр-постановщик

Вики Мортимер — Designer

Эндрю Джордж — Хореограф

Поль Констебл — Художник по свету

Салли Мэтьюз — Konstanze

Edgaras Montvidas — Belmonte

Тобиас Керер — Osmin

Brenden Gunnell — Pedrillo

Мари Эриксмоен — Blonde

Франк Сорель — Selim Bassa

Jonas Cradock — Klaas

Глайдборнский хор

Джереми Байнс — Хормейстер

Оркестр эпохи Просвещения

Робин Тиккиати — Дирижёр

О программе

An outstanding production of Mozart's Die Entführung aus dem Serail directed by David McVicar and presented at Glyndebourne in 2015!

Die Entführung aus dem Serail (The Abduction from the Seraglio) is a Singspiel opera in three acts, inspired by the 18th century vogue for all things eastern. It is considered Mozart’s first fully mature opera and boasts some of his most spectacularly virtuosic vocal music, in particular for its brave heroine. The opera’s humane and surprising resolution defies all expectations and its explorations of cultural collisions between East and West retain startlingly contemporary resonance.

The opera tells the story of the young Spanish noblewoman Konstanze, who, along with her maid Blonde and her betrothed's valet Pedrillo, has been abducted by pirates and sold as slaves to Pasha Selim. The Turkish despot soon falls in love with Konstanze, and his guard Osmin falls in love with Blonde, who has been given to him as his personal slave. Belmonte arrives to attempt a rescue, joining forces with the equally lovesick Pedrillo to try to outwit the fearsome Osmin. Their plans however quickly fall through, and the two are captured, their fates at the mercy of the Great Pasha.

Photo: © Richard Hubert Smith

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