Мастер-класс Андраша Шиффа: Партита №2 Баха

Сокровища Masterclass Media Foundation

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Сэр Андраш Шифф — Преподаватель, пианист

Андрес Карчиентес — Пианист (Student)

О программе

Who is better qualified than András Schiff, one of the most talented contemporary performers of Johann Sebastian Bach, to lead a masterclass dedicated to the German master?

If Hungarian pianist András Schiff is a real national pride in the field of classical music, it is notably because in 1966 he received, from the President of the Republic, the most prestigious Hungarian cultural award, the Kossuth Prize.

A passionate about Bach’s music, throughout his distinguished career he has played and recorded on the piano Bach’s entire work for harpsichord. Furthermore, in 2007 he received the Royal Academy of Music's Bach Prize.

With a music student, he rediscovers the Partita No. 2 in C Minor, from the Partitas for keyboard, released in 1731, and last of the three ensembles of six suites, after the English and French Suites. These works, with a dancing atmosphere, reveal all their polyphonic richness and their almost orchestral texture.

The Masterclass Media Foundation Archives offer to students and music lovers around the world filmed masterclasses, given by the best talents, on the greatest works of the classical repertoire. Their primary purpose is to provide a valuable educational resource in order to perpetuate passion and knowledge from one generation to another.

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