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Сара Вохан

Billy Eckstine

Joe Williams

Roy Haynes

Marty Paich

О программе

She was Sarah, Sassy, the Divine One—the incomparable Sarah Vaughan.

Sarah Vaughan—The Divine One recounts the stellar singer's career from her beginnings at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey, to her debut at the Apollo Theater and her preeminence in nightclubs, concert halls and jazz festivals around the world.

Packed with live performances spanning her entire career, Sarah Vaughan—The Divine One offers a portrait of a woman who was personally shy and professionally unparallelled. Friends, family and fellow musicians speak illuminatingly of Sarah; among them Billy Eckstine, Roy Haynes, Joe Williams, George Gaffney, Sarah's mother, Ada, and her daughter, Paris.

John O'Connor in the New York Times called Sarah Vaughan—The Divine One, "beguiling" and Vareity called it a "class act—entertaining and incisive." Leonard Feather said in the Los Angeles Times, "this riveting hour shows just how Vaughan evolved, visually and vocally; it will leave the viewer with a mixture of joy that this wonderous memento exists and sorrow at the loss of which it reminds us.

Writer : Dan Morgenstern

Program: © Multiprises, LLC

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