Луи Армстронг, Сачмо

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Луи Армстронг

Уинтон Марсалис

Dexter Gordon

Tony Bennett

Lester Bowie

Dave Brubeck

О программе

Satchmo. There are very few people in this country - or the world - who would not recognize that name. Born at the turn of the century, Louis Armstrong was a living symbol of twentieth-century American Culture. He revolutionized the world of music and became one of the nation's most influential entertainers. In the nearly ten decades since he made his initial recordings, nothing has diminished the magnitude of his accomplishment.

For this definitive production, the filmmakers gained access to an enormous trove of material never before seen by the public: Armstrong's own manuscripts, correspondence, memorabilia, personal effects, and photos from the private collection of the Armstrong house and estate and other important archives. The result is a film as entertaining as the man himself and totally true to the spirit of Satchmo.

This definitive film portrait is comprised of a carefully selected group of Armstrong's best performances—from Hollywood feature films to on-tour footage, from international television appearances to home movies—encompassing his entire career. The narrative features Armstrong telling his own story in interviews spanning over forty years. Satchmo  also contains on-camera interviews with many people touched by Armstrong—contemporaries, friends, collaborators, record producers, sidemen, younger musicians—including Dexter Gordon, Dave Brubeck, Doc Cheatham, Wynton Marsalis and over a dozen others. Gary Giddins's insightful writing and direction brings a new understanding and appreciation of the life and art of Louis Armstrong.

The producers were granted exclusive access to Armstrong's house and an extensive cache of personal papers, manuscripts, diaries, scrapbooks, homemade tape recordings, and photographs never before seen by the public.

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