Gabor Winand in Junas

Jazz à Junas 2013

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Gabor Winand — Singer

Kalman Olah — Пианист

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In the intimate setting of Junas's protestant temple, singer Gabor Winand and pianist Kalman Olah form a superb duo on the stage of the Jazz à Junas Festival. Both musicians showcase an extremely touching level of musicality, and are also united by their Hungarian roots. Winand expresses himself entirely in rhythmic yet soft and poignant onomatopoeias as well as lingual percussions, in a style reminiscent of Bobby McFerrin and Al Jarreau, completed by the tenderness and technical ability of Olah.

Winand is gifted with a unique voice, and improvises with it as a true virtuoso instrumentalist. During his formative years at the Budapest Conservatoire, he also studied saxophone, clarinet, and flute. As he himself claims: "my main influences come from instrumental music. When discovering a new piece, I first prepare like an instrumentalist, looking through harmonies and structure at the keyboard. Both clarinet and keyboard have given me that discipline".

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