Carlos Maza & familia with Vincent Segal in Porquerolles

Jazz à Porquerolles 2013

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Carlos Maza — Пианист, флейтист

Ana Carla Maza — Виолончелистка

Mirza Sierra — Bass guitarist

Xavi Masjoan — Барабанщик

Vincent Segal — Виолончелист

О программе

Chilean multi-instrumentalist Carlos Maza lights up the stage of the Jazz à Porquerolles Festival with his Mapuche-influenced brand of jazz, in the company of French cellist Vincent Segal. The former is an established, versatile artist and bandleader who has know success throught his career with his inimitable style, from his first album, titled Donde Estoy, to his last, Todo Es Relativà; the latter was trained at the Lyon National Conservatoire and has collaborated with the greatest names of the musical scene. This concert, recorded in 2013, is a moment of pure joy and communion between these two incredibly gifted artists.

Segal—known for his contributions on albums by Cesária Évora, Alexandre Desplats, Steve Nieve, and many more—complements Maza's work to perfection. A legend in his native Chile due to his championing of the local culture as well as his international reputation, but also to his limitless creativity, that allows him to combine different styles like Mexican huapango and classical music, Maza is also recognized for his proficiency with multiple instruments, such as the pifilca flute. During this high flying performance, however, it is at the keyboard that he deploys his rare talent!

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