Jamaaladeen Tacuma's Brotherzone with Jean-Paul Bourelly à Créteil

Festival Sons d'Hiver 2014

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Jamaaladeen Tacuma

Jean-Paul Bourelly

Wadud Ahmad

О программе

Meet Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Jean-Paul Bourelly, Wadud Ahmad, and Daryl Burgee, in a memorable performance at the 2014 Festival Sons d'Hiver. Tacuma gained famed through his participation in Ornette Coleman's band Prime Time, and has collaborated with such artists as Carlos Santana and Jeff Beck ; Bourelly is at the pinnacle of jazz fusion guitar and has played alongside Archie Shepp, Roy Haynes, as well as David Torn. This combination of talents on stage is the perfect occasion to celebrate a rare blend of creative geniuses.

To complete this wonderful tapestry of virtuosity made up of free funk bass pioneer Tacuma and Haitian guitar prodigy Bourelly, we also welcome Daryl Burgee's breathtaking rhythmic technique, as well as Wadud Ahmad's deep and voluptuous voice. A mix of sounds so catchy that anyone viewing might find it impossible to look away, even for a second...

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