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Владо Перлемутер, пианист

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Владо Перлмутер — Пианист

Оливье Бернаже — Интервьюер

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"There is no virtuosity without musicality." Meet the great Franco-Polish pianist Vlado Perlemuter.

Vlado Perlemuter, known for his interpretation of Ravel and Chopin, was also the first pianist to play Prokofiev's Third Concerto. In this documentary, the pianist tells us about his meeting with Fauré and Ravel, and how much he learned from them.

After studying at the Conservatoire de Paris, Vlado Perlemuter became the greatest admirer of Ravel's work, and played it for him. Thanks to the composer's pieces of advice, Vlado Perlemuter became an unparalleled specialist of Ravel's scpres, and shared his knowledge and technique to his students at the académie Maurice Ravel de Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

In 1993, two days before giving his farewell concert, Vlado Perlemuter was named Grand Officer of the French Legion of Honour.

This documentary offers an interview with musicologist Jean Roy, as well as many excerpts of Perlemuter's lessons at the académie Maurice Ravel de Saint-Jean-de-Luz


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