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Régis Campo: Strange Beautiful Music

A behind-the-scenes look at an exceptional French composer, directed by Quentin Lazzarotto

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Régis Campo — Композитор

Felicity Lott

Кент Нагано

Arthur Dairaine

Carolina Eyck

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The world of contemporary music follows an enormous variety of creative currents, and forging a unique route requires a composer of great talent and singular vision—one like Régis Campo, the "bad boy" of contemporary music (Libération).

This documentary by Quentin Lazzarotto traces the two years that preceded Campo’s election to the Académie de Beaux-Arts in France, from concerts all over the world to the creative process in his Paris apartment and moments of rest and relaxation with his family in the south of France.

Régis Campo: Strange Beautiful Music is an intimate documentary on the creation of a musical universe unlike any other, one which accentuates joy, humor, and melodic ingenuity through vibrant and varied tempos. This strikingly original French composer’s music—with an impressive catalogue of over 300 works—has been performed in over thirty countries.

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