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Пинхас Цукерман и Марк Нейкруг в Санта-Фе

Фильм Жоржа Гашо и Жана-Пьера Горена

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Пинхас Цукерман

Марк Нейкруг

О программе

Pinchas Zukerman, one of today's superstars of the violin, has played many recitals and concerts with his friend and colleague, pianist-composer Marc Neikrug. This musical program was performed in concert at the St. Francis Auditorium in the New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe.

Their performances of Bach's Sonata No. 3 in E Major (BWV 1016), Beethoven's Sonata No.9 in A major Op.47 (Kreutzer), Franck's Sonata in A major, and Neikrug's own Duo are interwoven with film of them discussing the music and their friendship. Magnificent footage of the desert countryside outside Sante Fe is also used with striking effect.

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