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Моя мама обожала танцевать

Портрет Брижит Лефевр, режиссер Тьерри Тестон

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Бригитта Лефевр — Танцовщица

О программе

The film director Thierry Teston followed Brigitte Lefèvre over the course of a year. From Paris to Tokyo, he offers an exclusive look at her life and the inner workings of the Paris Opera.

My Mother Loved Dance is a portrait in film of Brigitte Lefèvre, who held the position of Director of Dance at the Paris Opera for more than 20 years. Lefèvre arrived there at the tender age of eight, destined to take part in a genuine revolution in the world of ballet. She left the Opera in November 2014, passing the torch to Benjamin Millepied, who thus became the director of one of the most prestigious dance companies in the world.

Brigitte Lefèvre © La Belle Télé

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