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О программе

Mozartballs is a documentary about Mozart, how he is seen today and the impact of his music on our society.

Did you know that the famous chocolate "Mozart ball" was created by the Salzburg confectioner Paul Fürst in 1890, for the centenary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's death? In this documentary, light and spirited, Larry Weinstein follows five admirers of the composer, expressing their passion with originality and with a grain of madness.

The Austrian astronaut Franz Viehbock put Mozart into orbit by taking with him during a trip to space a recording of The Magic Flute, as well as some of those famous chocolates. Wolfgang and his wife Nancy, from Oklahoma, are convinced to be the reincarnations of Mozart and his wife. As far as computer genius Davie Cope is concerned, after spending 30 years of his life teaching computers how to compose classical music, he invented a software able to imitate Mozart's style, to complement in its own manner Mozart's posthumous repertoire. The obsessive Konrad Rich, a Swiss retired teacher, collects everything related to the musician. Meet with these crazy and endearing people who, by telling their stories, remind us that the magic of Mozart still haunts the mind of music lovers worldwide.

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