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Интервью с Иваном Фишером, Николасом Хитнером и певцами

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Иван Фишер — Дирижёр

Николас Хайтнер

Топи Лехтипу — Ferrando

Лука Пизарони — Guglielmo

Миа Перссон — Fiordiligi

Анке Вондунг — Dorabella

О программе

The rendition of Cosi fan Tutte in Glyndebourne gives a sense of "how intensely desire can be felt" according to stage director Nicholas Hytner.

Ivan Fischer evokes a childhood memory when he starts talking about Mozart's famous opera Cosi fan Tutte: "I had an uncle and an aunt whom I only knew when they were in their 70s. And they told me that in their youth they had some problems but they decided to stay together after listening a performance of Cosi fan Tutte!"He adds, as the title suggests "All of us are seducible, and it is something which has to be forgiven… And the end of the opera tells us, we are all the same, don't take it so seriously."

In this opera the harmony between music and theater serves the seducers and breaks the resistance of the two sisters. Glyndebourne appears here to be the perfect setting for creating the intimacy required between the characters and making the magic happen.

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