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Голос из холода

Портрет меццо-сопрано Вивика Жено

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О программе

The film is a documentary about the Alaska-born mezzo-soprano Vivica Genaux. This superb young singer is on her way to international recognition with arias for Farinelli and with a variety of operatic roles ranging from works by Handel and his contemporaries to Rossini and Donizetti.

During her short career she has performed successfully throughout Europe and the United States. Despite her busy schedule, the svelte, attractive young woman manages to maintain close ties with her home state of Alaska. The film shows Vivica Genaux and her home state of Alaska. A train ride between Anchorage and Fairbanks serves as a thread.

Vivica meets with her family in Fairbanks and gives a recital there. In addition, there are rehearsals with the Farinelli-Program at the Berliner Staatsoper, conducted by Rene Jacob. Furthermore, there are Spanish zarzuelas, Lieder by Loewe and a song from My Fair Lady in which Craig Rutenberg accompanies Vivica Genaux on the piano.

Vivica Genaux is truly one of our day's leading exponents of the Baroque and bel canto repertoire, despite her young career, which started only a decade ago. Her latest CD recording of the challenging castrato arias for Farinelli helped to spread her name throughout the world of classical music. For weeks, these recordings ranked at the very top of the classical music charts. Her protégé, the Belgian conductor René Jacob, first came up with the idea for the recordings.


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