«Времена года» Вивальди в обработке Макса Рихтера – С Дэниэлом Хоупом

Ансамбль L'arte del mondo

Прямой эфир
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Max Richter — Moog synthesizer

Дэниэл Хоуп — Скрипач

Orchestra l'arte del mondo

О программе

“Vivaldi Recomposed”: a classical remix like no other! Influenced by everything from electronic music to punk, from club music and psychedelic rock to his own post-classical idiom, German contemporary composer Max Richter takes one of Vivaldi’s greatest hits, The Four Seasons, and reimagines the work for the 21st century.

As Ivan Hewett of The Telegraph explains, “Richter is very self-aware. He notices that his own taste in repeating patterns doesn’t mesh with the apparently similar patterns in Vivaldi. They obey a different logic, and the friction between them generates a fascinatingly ambiguous colour. Richter teases out and heightens this colour, sometimes with Vivaldi uppermost, sometimes himself…” British violinist Daniel Hope and the orchestra L’arte del mondo bring Richter’s innovative music to life in this exhilarating film by George Scott.

Photo: © Erik Weiss

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