Концерт для четырех скрипок си минор № 10 Вивальди

С Вероникой Эберле, Рено Капюсоном, Алиной Ибрагимовой, Ханной Вайнмайстер и Катрин Лацарус – Фестиваль Bel-Air 2010

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Вероника Эберле — Скрипачка

Рено Капюсон — Скрипач

Алина Ибрагимова — Скрипач

Ханна Вайнмайстер — Скрипачка

Catherine Latzarus — Клавесинист

Камерный оркестр Бель-Эр

О программе

At the 15th Bel-Air Festival, the Bel-Air Chamber Orchestra, accompanied by stars of the violin Renaud Capuçon, Veronika Eberle and young rising violinists, performs Vivaldi's Concerto for four violins and cello in B Minor at Chambéry's cathedral in France.

Founded by the French violinist Renaud Capuçon, the Bel-Air Festival gathers each year in a friendly atmosphere, the big names of classical music but also gives a chance to young musicians. At the same time artistic director and performer, Renaud Capuçon succeeds with this festival to play music with friends and share his passion for music to the audience.

This is a magic moment spent with Vivaldi in Baltic Sea as it is presented in this program. With a moving clarity and expressiveness, Renaud Capuçon, accompanied by young promising soloists, offers the audience a bright performance of Vivaldi's Concerto for four violins and cello in B Minor, with a beautiful accompaniment of the harpsichordist Catherine Latzarus. The rising violinists Veronika Eberle, Alina Ibragimova (who studied at the Gnesin school in Moscow) and Hanna Weinmeister (a graduate of the Vienna Musikhochschule) are also on stage.

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