Танго для Астора

Посвящение Астору Пьяццолле

Прямой эфир
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Ришар Гальяно — Аккордионист

О программе

Tango for Astor is a lively tribute given to Piazzolla by Richard Galliano, his most authentic disciple and friend. This lively and enthusiastic tribute is elaborated by Galliano understood the strength of Piazzolla's music: popular and dancing but also rigorous as a classical piece could be.

This film is the tipping point of a marvelous musical and human adventure: Richard Galliano's septet's international tour which ends up with this concert. Not only do the bows and bandoneons conjure the spirit of Astor Piazzolla but also our own memories and emotions. The Bouffes du Nord theater is the ideal stage for making the complex and beguiling magic of tango happen.

Featuring Richard Galliano, Jean Marc Phillips-Varjabedian, Sebastien Surel, Jean-Marc Apap, Stephane Logerot, Henri Demarquette, Hervé Sellin, Céline Ruiz and Damian Rosenthal.


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