Nobuyuki Tsujii in recital

Biarritz Piano Festival 2022

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Нобуюки Цудзии — Пианист

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The awe-inspiring Nobuyuki Tsujii (Nobu) offers up an electrifying recital at the 2022 Biarritz Piano Festival! From the first seconds, when the opening notes of Beethoven's "Moonlight" Sonata ring out, we know we're in the company of an uncommonly expressive artist—and by the time the the third movement thunders to a close, we've been thoroughly wowed by one of the greatest technicians on today's piano scene.

But the Japanese virtuoso and 2009 Cliburn Competition co-winner, who has been blind since birth but never misses a note, is just getting started: he continues with three works by Liszt, gravity-defying in a Verdi transcription and the first Mephisto Waltz and heartrending in the gorgeous Consolation No. 3. He then takes on Chopin's stormy, passionate Scherzos as a quadruple grand finale—before returning for two more Lisztian encores to bring the house down!

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